Calculating the Green for This Weekend’s Free Tree Giveaway

CALCULATING THE GREEN FOR THIS WEEKEND’S FREE TREE GIVEAWAY Hmmmm . . . what’ll it be for your yard? Live Oak, Bald Cypress, Burr Oak, Cedar Elm, Chinkapin Oak, Drummond’s Maple, Loblolly Pine, Mexican White Oak, Nuttall Oak, Overcup Oak, Pecan, Shumard Oak or Water Oak? Come to the remote Rodeo Houston parking lot at 2030 Reed Rd. with your electric bill in hand this Saturday, October 26, between 8:30 and 3:30 and you’ll have your pick — of whatever’s left. Trees for Houston, CenterPoint Energy, and the Arbor Day Foundation will be giving away a total of 2,500 specimens in 5-gallon containers this weekend (a couple thou are still unclaimed). You can reserve yours online. A handy satellite-photo-equipped web app is meant to help you decide where to plant your tree and which species to plant; it estimates annual energy-cost savings for each type of tree, depending on where you place it on your property. [Arbor Day Foundation]

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  • All very fine trees! But being an impatient sort, I’d rather drop a few hundred bucks and have a 15 or 30 gal tree installed. Hmmm….. that CenterPoint site is stuck….hundreds of thousands of Swamplot readers in an impromptu DOS attack.

  • I agree I’d rather pay and have a larger tree, tho it’s great that they’re giving away trees, and a vast assortment as well. I’m partial to the Burr Oak, it has the huge acorns.

  • @CREOLE – Some of us pronounce those “aye-kerns”