Cambridge Court Apartments Go Back to School

Residents of the Cambridge Court Apartments at 6500 S. Gessner will get to stay until the end of their leases, but after that they’ll need to find new homes. That’s the word from the complex’s neighbor and new owner, Strake Jesuit. The Catholic boys’ high school is also the property’s old owner; the 7.55 acres the apartments sit on is a portion of the land Strake Jesuit lost as a result of a 1971 bankruptcy. Developer Harold Farb built what was then called the Newport Apartments on the site 6 years later.

School officials plan to tear down the complex “at the earliest possible date” and use the land, which sits just north of the school’s Gessner driveway, for parking and athletic fields. The acquisition will also allow planners to “re-examine where it will construct its new Science and Engineering Building on the campus without a net loss of parking or green space,” the school announced.

Photos: Strake Jesuit (aerial), (Cambridge Court Apartments)

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  • Building the Empire. Continuing the dominance of STH.

  • Now if they could only buy the Fiesta shopping center that the school hides behind. Atleast that is an improvement to the neighborhood.

  • Awesome! Any torn down apartment in Sharpstown is an improvement.

  • From a STHS graduate(1976) : the Green Weenies /Jebbies aka Strake Jesuit needs more room,so the fine young can get edumacated more.Don’t want the poor dears to sit in an old building and learn Science & Engineering. They have it so hard out there on Bellaire Blvd., next door to that other catholic girls institution: St.Agnes near the Fields…