Can Historic Houston’s Salvage Warehouse Be Salvaged?

Note: The discounting has begun. See update below.

A weekend and a day after she sent out word that Historic Houston’s 7-year-old recycled-house-parts warehouse at 1307 West Clay St. would be shutting down, the nonprofit organization’s founder and executive director says she’s currently evaluating a few options that might allow her to keep the salvage operation in business. “Some very incredible offers came forward on Friday,” Lynn Edmundson tells Swamplot, “and I am spending the next day or two investigating each one to see if any of them will work out . . . as an interim strategy to keep the warehouse opened and operating for a few more months.”

Edmundson also says numerous supporters of the organization asked her to “calculate what cash we would need to stay afloat for 3 months — and then ask for it.” Which she did in a follow-up email she sent out Friday, seeking 500 donations of $100 each. Edmundson says she was encouraged by the immediate response: The first $1,000 was raised within 5 minutes of sending out the request. “We may not raise all that we need,” she says, but whatever amount is raised might “buy us a little more time to explore the options that have been offered.”


Update, 2 pm: A members-only sale, featuring discounts of 65 percent on most items (and an additional 10 percent if you pay in cash and haul it all away with you), has now been scheduled for this Wednesday through Saturday at the warehouse. (For a $50 donation, non-members can get in on the action, says an email announcing the sale.)

Photo: Candace Garcia

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