Car-Wash-to-Coffee Conversion Now Brewing for the Corner of Houston Ave. and Alma St.

The building with a roof that’s bigger than its body at 3024 Houston Ave. is now slated to become a cafe operating under the name Uncle Bean’s Coffee Shop. The photo at top — posted to the venue’s fledgling Facebook page this morning views the structure from the west side of the road, just south of Alma St. Its most recent occupant: Mr. Details Hand Car Wash.

White paint hit the exterior sometime during the former tenant’s tenure, washing out the yellow splat marks that once graced its north and south sides:


At the end of the dramatic porte-cochère, the red poles have gone blue along with the metal signpost mounted on the front gable.

The tiny interior measures just over 200-sq.-ft.:

It backs up not quite all the way to the fence at the east end of the property, leaving room for this grassy yard:

In place of the single window facing the patio pictured above, a row of glass openings have been installed. But they don’t offer much of a view: Wood fencing stands directly across from them, closing in the seating area’s south side.

Photos: Uncle Bean’s Coffee (current); (previous paint job)

Woodland Heights