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  • Last spring while visiting Bayou Bend with my niece we passed a resident of the Bayou Bend condo who was walking up Westcott after just dumping exotic fish from his home aquarium into Buffalo Bayou. Upon our questioning, he said he did it regularly when the aquarium fish got too large for the tank. Niece and I were appalled and later I called Texas Dept of Parks & Wildlife. Unfortunately, without knowing the man’s name there was nothing they could do. For any Swamplot readers who live in the Bayou Bend towers: He’s tall, brown-haired, muscularly built, about 50, and is a football coach at a high school somewhere.

  • I loved this story. Walk my dogs at Tom Bass all the time, and over the summer have let them sneak into the water to cool off. I wonder what other creatures lurk in the deep!!

  • Its all about them Fellows GANG…Suwoop!