05/21/18 11:15am

If you look carefully at the photo above, you’ll see books are still on the shelf at 4103 Falkirk Ln., shown in the middle of its demolition last week. Work left an open-air reference section fronting the street from the fifth-of-an-acre parcel 2 blocks north of N. Braeswood. $500,000 is the asking price for the property, which hit the market last December. Since then, its across-the-street neighbor was also torn down, leaving a vacancy of the same size at 4102. Both houses went up in the early ’50s.

Photo of demolition: Swamplox inbox

Public Library
09/05/17 11:30am

After Harvey hit, 2 and a half ft. of water coursed through the Adams family’s single-story home off Stella Link just north of Brays Bayou. In the video above, Tony Adams gives a tour of what was left after a dozen volunteers from Redemption Church on Timberside Dr. spent 4 hours last Thursday clearing it out and depositing the family’s ruined possessions by the curb.

Then on Sunday, more visitors came by:


Clean Break
05/15/14 12:15pm



The clipped front lawn of a 1950 home in Ayrshire might be its tidiest feature. “CURRENTLY A MESSY BACHELOR PAD BUT A QUICK REHAB WILL MAKE IT SHINE,” screams the description put up earlier this week. Asking price: $535,000. Is the warning meant to make viewers yell to themselves OH IT DOESN’T LOOK SO BAD? Or do the photos already portray the place in its best light?


Dude, Where’s My House?
01/25/13 2:30pm

It was supposed to be a teardown, this almost-defiant home in Ayrshire. That’s what had happened to the original homes on either side of this still-single-story one, located on a cul-de-sac one house away from the railroad and utility easement that separates the neighborhood from Bellaire. Demolition is what a view-screening label dictated on just about every interior photo in the before-the-redo listing. The buyer and design team had other ideas, though, and renovated the 1957 ranch-style house into something more 2013-ish, outside and in.