06/26/08 11:40pm

Neighborhood Guessing Game 13: Bar

The votes are in! Thanks to all of you who played this week’s game! We had some great comments this time.

Two of you thought the house we showed might be in Sugar Land. Another two guessed Clear Lake. Tanglewood also got 2 votes — one specifying “near Winrock.” Bellaire had two too — one of them pegging it off Newcastle, south of Bissonnet. There was a traffic jam around Memorial, with single guesses of Memorial, the Memorial Villages, “west of 610/east of Voss and north of San Felipe/south of Memorial,” “Blalock/Bunker Hill area near Memorial/San Felipe,” “one of the Kickerillo subdivisions,” “off Briar Forest between Kirkwood and Dairy Ashford,” and Huntwick. The Woodlands, Crestwood, Champions, Augusta, Rice Military, Westhaven Estates, the Heights, Pearland, Manvel, Riverside Terrace, Midtown, Buffalo Speedway, Knollwood, Woodlake Square, and Greatwood attracted one vote each.

The winner was CK, who took a stab at Bellaire . . . and nailed it. Good work!

Honorable mentions go to four contestants who were able to tease out a few interesting details about the house. First, Scott, for this sad but brilliant bit of real-estate logic:

If it’s a new build, where’s the wine fridge? Get those bottles off their butts and on their sides!

Joni Webb figured out that the exercise room was on a 3rd floor, and pegged the house as so 20th century:

this is newer build, probably 1990s because the flooring is wood and tile, not the newer limestone. plus – brass hardware screams 80s and 90s not 2000s.

margo captured the gist of the place with this classic comment:

this is some sort of eary 90s red brick type jobey.

markd distilled that even further, to “Bellaire McMansion.” Right on . . . but a little late. Plus “off Newcastle” is a few blocks off.

No secret agents played the nastier version of the game this time!

After the jump: It came from Bellaire!