07/09/13 2:00pm

Polishing the woodwork in this 1975 neo-Tudor in Champion Forest Champions Northwest might take a while. The property comes with a  6-pack of bedrooms, of bathrooms, and of fireplaces — as well as heaps of lumber in both structural and decorative forms, starting with the half-timbering (and other-half-bricking) out front.

A note to agents in the listing brags that the home made some sort of appearance in Architectural Digest when it was young — who wouldn’t want to see the indoor pool? It was put on the market 6 months ago, but the listing expired in mid-June. Now it’s back with a new agency but the same asking price: $1,399,000.


07/26/12 2:07pm

Scratch that whole Whole Foods Market reannouncing its BLVD Place plans bit. The new Houston store the grocery company announced yesterday will be a 40,000-sq.-ft. spot in a new strip center planned for the Champions area — on a now-forested plot of land at the southeast corner of Louetta Rd. and Cutten Rd., a few blocks east of the Vintage Park shopping center. And it won’t open until 2014.

Photo: LoopNet

06/21/12 2:51pm

Is that an arrow or an anchor above the dining-room bay window of this well-gabled home a little more than a mile northeast of the Willowbrook Mall? Either way, the decorative timbering acts as a harbinger of the many accents, patterns, and imagery within:   CONTINUE READING THIS STORY

02/16/12 10:18am

Is all that living space on the second floor of this metal warehouse building right off the Tomball Pkwy. frontage road near the end of Jones Rd.  really window-free? Built a decade ago, the 5,062-sq.ft. structure is an unrestricted property suitable for mixed use — and that includes homesteading.


10/21/11 7:26pm

Have a look around this little 25,637-sq.-ft. castle on a 5-acre lot at the edge of the Champions Golf Course. The master suite alone measures 3,000 sq. ft. Construction began in 2005, but last year the property was taken over by the lender, Encore Bank, before the final touches could be completed — like the elevator connecting the 3-car underground garage to the rest of the house. The MLS listing announced the bank planned to auction the home by November 5th to the highest bidder. But it was scooped up before then — for $3.5 million — by someone who could truly appreciate its fine marble and plaster finishes: the founder of a drywall contracting company and his wife. Wayne and Karen Martin tell the Chronicle‘s Nancy Sarnoff they plan to finish the home and landscape it with “European-style” gardens and reflecting ponds. “There’s a lot of history in that place. It’s phenomenal,” Martin tells Sarnoff.

But they don’t plan to move in.


05/07/10 1:07pm

Those highfalutin designers and their fancy theoretical jargon. Just skip the conceptual mumbo-jumbo and tell us where we’ll be able to make left turns!

A closer look at a few of those proposals for greenifying the new medians going in on the strip between I-45 and Mills Rd.:


01/15/09 9:32pm

Some wide ranging — but very sharp — guesses in this week’s game!

There were 2 votes each for Spring, the Woodlands, and Fort Bend, plus 1 each for Quail Valley, Missouri City, “the newer parts of Missouri City/Sugar Land, off Highway 6 and the powerline easement,” Mission Bend, and First Colony. The rest: “Memorial just outside the Beltway,” Newcastle at Bissonnet, Westchase, Sagemeadow, Sageglen, Katy, Pearland, “near Spears Rd. and Veterans Memorial,” “one of the 1980s subdivisions off of Dixie Farm Rd.,” Champions, “off Briarforest, just inside Highway 6,” Oak Forest, Copperfield, Bear Creek-Highway 6, Blackhawk, and “the 1960/Cypress area off 249.”

This week the top prize goes to 3 players, for their almost-triangulating guesses. First, CK, who went out on a nearby limb with that tossed-off “near Spears Road and Veterans Memorial,” after naming a whole bunch of far-flung suburbs. Why that intersection? Because

There’s crap like this out there too.

Even closer was Scott, who guessed Champions, then almost threw off the judges by declaring himself “bad at this game.”

The “1960/Cypress area off 249″ guess came from movocelot, who also earns points for narrowing down the home’s age with this insightful “could be seventies, could be eighties” accounting:

These say 1980s to me:
windows with low sills, drywall returns, tiny little transoms, black appliances, tympanum Levolour shade in Master.

“Things that make me go ‘70s:”
heavy ceiling texture, shiny, built-on-sight cabinets & plywood/applied-molding ‘paneling’, small baseboard, chair rail & crown, white 4×4 ceramic bath surround, bold stained glass (I don’t see how folks can tell it’s plastic… looks like HO has a hobby)

And now . . . will the real neighborhood please stand up?


07/03/08 8:52pm

Neighborhood Guessing Game 14: Living Room

Well, where were we? This week’s mystery sky-pad fetched individual guesses of: Greenway Plaza, Museum District/Med Center, “near Woodway,” Gessner and Memorial, Memorial between Shepherd and Westcott, The Woodlands, Champions, Champion Forest, Riverside Terrace, Sugarland, Missouri City, River Oaks, Glendower Court (actually, “North of Westheimer and probably west of Shepherd, in that town-house filled area south of River Oaks”), and the Galleria.

Some of you guessed particular buildings. Two of you took a stab at Regency House, 2 1/2 fell for Four Leaf Towers, and 2 said it was the Timber Top. We also had guesses of the Huntingdon, the Willowick, Bayou Bend Towers, “the highrise near the Medical Center and Hermann Park” (the Parklane or the Warwick Towers or the Mosaic?), the Endeavour, “a small mid-rise apartment complex” on Augusta between San Felipe and Westheimer, the St. Clair Condos near the Post Oak YMCA, 14 or 15 Greenway Plaza, Hermann Towers (?), and the Spires.

The winner is LawrenceDean, who was first to name the Timber Top highrise in Champion Forest — and threw in this bit of color commentary:

I’m going to go with this being a glimpse of the lifestyle of a (very old) northside baller…..

However, this came after some excellent advance work by Bernard, who is apparently expert in staring out of windows:

I don’t see how it can be “in town”. Take a look out the window. There’s nothing but green space. It’s hard to imagine a high rise in town that wouldn’t have a view of at least a couple tall buildings popping up from the tree tops.

It’s clearly a two story unit. Must be a penthouse. But it doesn’t look too high up. The building can’t be more than 15-20 stories.

Maybe it’s on the west side of town with a west facing view. It would suck to have a penthouse facing the wrong direction. . . .

There are two patches of green out the window. Is that a golf course? Maybe some forward thinking developer stole (I mean borrowed and never repaid) some S&L money and built a mini-high-rise out in The Woodlands or Champions. I don’t know those ares very well.

If only you had! That’s enough for an honorable mention, though!

Special recognition goes to our two fully authorized troublemakers this week — Jeff and GoogleMaster — who identified the listing to us privately and then vied to keep easily swayed guessers focused on inside-the-Loop neighborhoods. This loopy comment by Jeff, in particular, is priceless:

Seriously, only an Inner Looper would have elephant tusks next to their couch.

After some initial overreaching, this Timber Top penthouse has been sitting on the market for quite some time. How long? See our summary: