11/14/11 12:36pm

A delightful backyard scene at this home in the Galleria-area Del Monte subdivision. But hmmm . . . what’s that lurking behind the wood fence at the rear of the property? Could it be . . . the first of 19 stories of a new luxury apartment tower working its way to the sky? Or something more modest? Strangely, the listing for the just-on-the-market $576K home, at 5237 Chesapeake Way, includes this photo but no further details of the backyard goings-on. And yet there’s a crane and plenty of highrise construction action on the former parking lot on Brownway behind the home, between Sage and Yorktown, just west of the Walgreens on the corner of Sage and Westheimer. A Swamplot reader was kind enough to send in some photos of the project so far — along with a plea that someone who knows something about it provide some details:


05/23/11 11:49am

Such a rosy disposition about this Mod Ranch planted in the thick of the Galleria area. The 1956 home jumped into the market late last week, beneath Photoshop-blue skies: a 3-or-4 bedroom, 3-1/2-bath spread fitted onto a 12,960-sq.-ft. lot with just enough room for a pool in back. But what about the pinkage? How serious a case do we have here?


04/15/10 11:45pm

Thanks to y’all of you for sending the Neighborhood Guessing Game out in style! Bolstered by all of your encouragement, NGG will likely spend its retirement tanning by the pool . . . and plotting a comeback. In the meantime, if you have any grand ideas for making an eventual NGG 2.0 better, stronger, and more fun-filled, please send them this way!

Nobody nailed the neighborhood in this final round, but the single-word entry from Susan was judged close enough for the win. Her prize: a one-year individual membership in the Rice Design Alliance. Congratulations!

Our runners-up this week are flake and wilf. And where is this place?