08/23/13 3:45pm

To see the Mods of the Month this time, you’ll have to head out to Lake Jackson. One of the 3 featured homes has already gone Option Pending, but this one, a few miles off the Nolan Ryan Expressway at 530 Circle Way St., is still available at $179,900. Designed by Houston architect Allen R. Williams, who began his career working with John Staub, the 1954 3-bedroom, 2-bath mod sits on a creek-edged property near the Lake Jackson Intermediate School.


02/20/09 9:56am

BRAZOS MALL CLOSURE RUMORS DENIED, STORE BY STORE Sure, The Limited and Waldenbooks in Lake Jackson are shutting down. But more important: All other stores at the Brazos Mall are staying open! “El Chico, a Mexican restaurant located in the mall, has had many people asking them if they are closing, said Dorian Farciert, marketing director for El Chico. The constant questions have become frustrating and a little demoralizing, especially considering the restaurant is not closing, she said. ‘We are doing really well,’ she said. ‘We have no intentions of closing.’ Farciert said she and the El Chico staff are getting tired of the rumors that the restaurant is planning to close. ‘We know we’re not closing,’ she said. . . . Rumors also have been spread that JC Penney is closing. Though a few JC Penney stores in other states might be closing, the JC Penney in Lake Jackson plans to remain open, Supervisor Chanel Nelson said. In fact, the store was just remodeled, she said. . . . Mall officials confirmed Dillard’s does not plan to close, either. Julie Bull, a spokeswoman for Dillard’s, said the corporate office has not announced any closings for Lake Jackson. . . . Sears is doing well and has no plans to close, [a Sears employee] said.” [The Facts]