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Dairy Land, 310 Cavalcade St., Lindale Park, Houston

Dairy Land, 310 Cavalcade St., Lindale Park, Houston

The new brick building across from the Cavalcade station on Fulton St. that went up next to the former Dairy Queen corner spot known as Dairy Land is meant for Dairy Land, new lettering attached to the recently completed replacement structure attests. The signage went up shortly after the old building at 310 Cavalcade St. (pictured below) was demolished last week.


Cavalcade & Fulton
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Former Kuko's Taqueria, Future Teotihuacan Mexican Cafe, 3707 Irvington Blvd., Near Northside, Houston

Former Kuko's Taqueria, Future Teotihuacan Mexican Cafe, 3707 Irvington Blvd., Near Northside, HoustonThe Teotihuacán Mexican Café at the corner of Irvington and Cavalcade (now helpfully labeled “Festively adorned Tex-Mex restaurant” on Zagat-powered Google Maps) will be relocating a few blocks south once renovations to a structure the 3-restaurant chain’s owners purchased in late May can be completed. Kuko’s Taqueria shut down at 3707 Irvington Blvd., between Alber St. and Collingsworth, this past June. It appears some work on the interior is already taking place, notes reader Christopher Andrews.

Photos: Christopher Andrews

Going South
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HAVE HOME PRICES IN LINDALE PARK REALLY JUMPED THAT MUCH, THAT FAST? 511 Kelley St., Lindale Park, Houston“I’d be curious to know what your more knowledgeable readers think about the rising prices in Lindale Park,” a reader writes. “Just today I saw this listing — for north of $400k! Over the past couple of months there have been a number of homes listed, and quickly pending, for around $300k. Most (all?) of these appear to have been flipped. I bought my (not updated, in need of work, but a not-bad 3-2) house in Lindale Park for around $150k in 2010. There were a number of factors to picking Lindale Park, but the biggest was that we could get a decent-sized house in a close-in neighborhood that seemed to be on the up-and-up without breaking the bank. (The rail was a big reason too.) But when I saw this home — big and updated but right on 610 — for more than $400k . . . my jaw dropped.” [Swamplot inbox] Photo of 511 Kelley St.: HAR

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COMMENT OF THE DAY: WHEN TOWNHOMES COME TO LINDALE PARK “Most of the best appreciation in the Heights is in sections that are already deed restricted for lot size or have adopted the minimum lot size under chapter 42. Lindale is not like Midtown or parts of Montrose that have already been torn apart by non-residential development or have been chopped up with lots of townhomes. It looks more like Oak Forest did ten years ago. And if comps were a deterrent, no one would be replacing 1200 sq. ft. ranch homes in Oak Forest with 3500 sq. ft. custom homes. When a neighborhood gets bought out for town homes, the incentive to maintain the existing housing stock is lost. Your house is only worth what the dirt is worth. A foundation that has $5,000 of repairs to get it level looks just the same as one without after an afternoon with back hoe ripping through it. The result is that the existing neighborhood will go way downhill while the new construction takes over.” [Old School, commenting on Headlines: A Giant Kroger for Kingwood; Inn at the Ballpark Rebranding] Illustration: Lulu

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COMMENT OF THE DAY: I’M SMELLING THAT LISTING ALREADY “I love this house . . . and I know exactly how it must smell: a homey mix of old furniture, mothballs, and mildew with a touch of Pine-Sol. I would buy it as is, furnished and everything.” [Miz Brooke Smith, commenting on A Lindale Park Cottage, Much as It Was]

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You’ve reason to believe that you will be received with some gentility at this Lindale Park home on Graceland St. just west of Irvington, 7 blocks south of the North Loop. The newly listed triple-peaked brick cottage on a double-wide lot gained central air conditioning in 2005, but otherwise the 1945 home appears to have retained the qualities of an earlier era. Note the glass knobs on the interior doors and the lack of a dishwasher (or disposal or microwave) in the piney-woods-paneled kitchen.


08/07/09 2:38pm

It’s tagger war! Always on the lookout for dramatic artistic expression, blogger Sean Carroll snaps photos of the custom balcony paint jobs on this set of unfinished townhomes not far from his home. The site: Eichwurzel Ln., just west of Lindale Park and steps from the I-45 feeder. Reports Carroll:

they’ve been tagged for about two or three months, the parking lot in front of the townhomes is a messy half-finished lot, and it looks like they never finished the buildings. no occupants. kids are sneaking in and tagging the hell out of the inside probably too…

More views:


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Neighborhood Guessing Game 2: View from Kitchen

Thanks to y’all for playing the Neighborhood Guessing Game! We had 19 guessers and 24 guesses for this week‘s contest. And they were all over the place . . . but all inside the Loop!

Three of you guessed Montrose and another 3 guessed the Houston Heights. There were 2 votes each for Brookesmith, Washington Terrace, Riverside Terrace, Lindale Park, and Idylwood or Eastwood. Other guesses were: Bellaire, Woodland Heights, the Reliant Park area, Midtown, Sunset Heights, Southgate, Winlow Place and environs, and “over by the Orange Show.”

The winner this week was missjanel, who was the first to mention Lindale Park . . . though she didn’t explain her guess.

Sure, there were plenty of neighborhoods a house like this could have been in. How were you supposed to figure out Lindale Park? No one nailed it precisely, but some commenters were pretty sharp at picking up the clues. jgbiggs noted

a brick house next door with a horribly inappropriate iron fence. Also, the painted over windows on the front door give evidence that it is in a high crime neighborhood.

Jeff was (probably) off about the vintage of the house next door, but pointed out:

Definitely a gentrifying area. New behemoth next to a bungalow with no central AC.

Commenter karen noted some of the contradictions:

The bricks next door are so close and the gold-tipped iron fence so ugly that it really could be West U, but then this would be a tear-down, so why show interior house images on HAR?

Lastly, Mike noted that the brick house next door was probably an older one. And one of his 3 guesses was Lindale Park!

Let’s add it all up: well-kept or recently redone hardwood floors? Check. New, reasonably sophisticated interior paint colors? Check. Security-conscious fencing nearby? Check. Toddler toys in bedroom? Check. Nearby property values probably not high enough to support yuppifying the kitchen or dealing with the window-unit AC? Check.

It wasn’t runaway obvious, but Lindale Park does fit those specs.

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