04/15/14 1:15pm

Near Northside Residents Holding Tampico Heights Signs, Houston

A dust-up begun in the comments section of a Houstonia magazine article has blossomed into a mini-campaign to squash a recently coined neighborhood nickname. Two websites have now been created to document the curious internet history surrounding the recent appearance of the name Tampico Heights, and to demonstrate residents’ steadfast opposition to Heights name creep.

“From talking to dozens of Northsiders, it is not a name that anyone has heard used for the neighborhood,” a reader tells Swamplot. So the reader (lightheartedly signing emails as the Tampico Heights Redevelopment Authority) created a timeline site, documenting usage of the term “Tampico Heights” — in a manner that might make the founders of the OED proud — “in hopes that people who write about our neighborhood, or any neighborhood, make a practice of talking to residents, and not inventing things from google searches.”


Battling ‘Heights’ Creep
01/05/12 2:58pm

A tipster on the scene reports that the demolition of Sherman Elementary School at 1909 McKee St. in Northside Village is just about complete: “They'[d] been demolishing it piece by piece (windows, interior, bricks, etc) for the last month, but [in late December] started leveling the rest of the gutted structure and the homes around it.” Going up in place of the school, which sat vacant for about a year: A new 86,000-sq.-ft. Sherman Elementary, which when it opens will take students now attending the ready-to-close Crawford Elementary School on Jensen Dr. about a mile southeast.


06/28/11 5:04pm

A reader passes on these renderings showing the new Sherman Elementary School planned for the school’s current location at 1909 McKee St. in Northside Village. Construction of the 86,000-sq.-ft. structure is on target to begin within 2 months, after the existing school is demolished. The new school will serve students from Crawford Elementary, which will then be closed.

Renderings: HISD