03/04/19 4:00pm

COMMENT OF THE DAY: A BIG BLOW TO BAYOU BIKING “. . . Have been riding Ant Hills since 1994. People who do not frequent this stretch of bayou may not know its beauty or usefulness but will be an irreplaceable loss of being able to enjoy the outdoors in Houston if allowed to go forward.” [Turning_Basin, commenting on New Overflow Pools Coming To Clear Out Trees, Anthills from the South Side of Buffalo Bayou] Photo of Terry Hershey Park: Save Buffalo Bayou

03/01/19 2:00pm

Time’s almost up for a whole mess of trees lining the south side of Buffalo Bayou between Eldridge Pkwy. and Dairy Ashford (pictured at top), where the Harris County Flood Control District plans to construct the first 3 of a series of overflow basins. Removal of vegetation across the bayou from Nottingham Forest’s southern border is scheduled to begin within a few weeks; construction company Lecon has the $1.8 million contract to build the “linear stormwater detention compartments,” which are meant to accommodate a temporary visit of up to 90 acre-ft. of bayou water during a flood.

The trees and basins will be carved out of Terry Hershey Park. The district notes that some trees and vegetation may be preserved — forming a buffer “where possible” between the basins and private property to the south. Large sections of the popular Anthills Mountain Bike Trail, which the district notes “were built on publicly-owned land without written permission and without compensation to the public” will be cleared, though a portion that sits between the 2 westernmost basins will remain.


Under Detention
09/28/17 10:45am

HOW TO NEGOTIATE THE MANY COMPLICATED EMOTIONS INVOLVED IN LISTING YOUR NOTTINGHAM FOREST HOME From the new listing for 302 Hickory Post Ln., posted yesterday: “Build your dream home here! This is a remodel or a tear down! Your choice. The Lot is amazing and is nestled at the end of the culdesac and backs up to the bayou. This was the only time the home ever flooded! Serious buyers only! Please don’t waste our time with low ball offers!” [HAR; previously on Swamplot]

09/19/17 3:15pm

The 2 very different videos above give a taste of what the last few weeks have been like in Nottingham Forest, the Memorial neighborhood along the north side of Buffalo Bayou between Dairy Ashford and Kirkwood south of Memorial Dr. Nottingham Forest filled with water after Hurricane Harvey — and releases of water from the oversubscribed Addicks and Barker reservoirs. The first video, taken by Swamplot reader Gatewood Brown from a GoPro mounted on a kayak, shows portions of the neighborhood underwater during rescue operations 3 days after Houston was first hit by the storm. The second video was taken yesterday by reader Kyle Steck, using a mobile phone he carried while biking hands-free through Nottingham Forest’s now dry but extensively garbage-lined streets.

Videos: Gatewood Brown; Kyle Steck

Before and After
03/02/10 8:14am

THE FERAL PEAFOWL OF NOTTINGHAM FOREST Jay Lee shoots game in Houston’s wild west: “Off Memorial Drive between Kirkwood and Dairy Ashford reside the wild peafowl of West Houston. Peacocks and Peahens roam the yards and streets, putting on a show and making a racket. Their call sounds like a baby crying out or a cat in severe pain. Some residents describe their call as “sounds like somebody being murdered.” Overall they seem oblivious to the human residents and the occasional gawkers like myself who drive down to see them. Apparently the population of about 50 birds are offspring from a pair that a landowner gave his wife more than 30 years ago.” [Bald Heretic]

04/10/09 4:32pm

COMMENT OF THE DAY: THE NOTTINGHAM FORESTS OF THE FUTURE “. . . it is amazing how that works in Houston. Same house, probably same builder, same sort of subdivision when it was new. If that same oil and gas junior executive had bought the same new house back in ‘70 in Nottingham Forest, he’d be looking at a $450K + pay day. It will be interesting to see which areas developed in the most recent boom will be the Nottingham Forests and which ones will be more like this subject. Any speculations out there??” [subprimelandguy, commenting on Neighborhood Guessing Game Over: The Houston Highlands]

10/31/08 11:48pm

It’s the final weekend before Election Day, which means you might want to use some of your open-house time for a bit of last-minute canvassing. And what better neighborhoods to do either in than two of Houston’s many New York- or Robin Hood-themed subdivisions! Westchester and Nottingham Forest, two Kickerillo-pedigree expanses above the northern banks of the Buffalo Bayou, are waiting for you. Knock on some doors!

14707 Broadgreen Dr., Westchester, Houston

Location: 14707 Broadgreen Dr.
Details: 4 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths; 2,694 sq. ft.
Price: $325,000
The Scoop: Slightly-dolled 1969 transitional Mansard Modern in Westchester. Central atrium. Paneled walls in Den. Laminate floors in Kitchen. Mirrored wall in Dining Room. On the market for a little more than a month.
Open House: Sunday, 12-2 pm

This way to more homes, and a brighter future: