02/03/12 1:51pm

Following up on that former warehouse at 954 Wakefield St. in Oak Grove that last spring looked like it was well on its way to becoming a new beach volleyball venue, a passerby reports a couple of seemingly contradictory signs. On the one hand, there’s now a TABC notice taped to a window, dated earlier in January, which indicates that HFL Construction is applying for an alcohol license for this location. And the volleyball courts (at left in the above photo) look a bit more complete than they did last April. On the other hand, there’s now also a for-sale sign with the HFL Construction logo on it posted in front of the peoperty, the reader says.

Photos: Swamplot inbox

04/25/11 4:26pm

Tucked into that sorta-industrial area just south of Garden Oaks, behind the warehouse at 954 Wakefield: A brand-new array of beach volleyball courts under construction. The reader who sent in this photo of the scene wants to know what’s up — or at least whose serve it is. A closer view of the nets: