08/26/13 2:15pm

A 40 ft. glass wall and several skylights open up what otherwise appears to be a buttoned up 1950s home in Southampton Extension. It’s right up the street from the Hanover Rice Village apartments and upcoming retail mix. That development’s garage entrance is just off the end of the block, at Morningside Dr. The listing appeared on the market last Friday with a $925,000 asking price. Its photos feature a brief ride on a modern-mood magic carpet:


06/14/10 8:14pm

How many private tables can you fit in the top-floor VIP room? If it weren’t for those pesky Southampton Place Extension deed restrictions, this new mod stucco home on Dunstan near Morningside would be a prime candidate to become a Rice Village nightclub. Just 4 doors down from the Bolsover lot! Rope line can go through the garage if it rains.

But could you charge enough for bottle service to make a dent in the almost-$2.5-million asking price?

Have a tour before the light show begins:


06/09/09 3:06pm

From the Village News:

“Johns” may be sad to see the Southampton brothel close, but the neighborhood is glad to see the nuisance gone.

The location of Asian Massage Villa, 2401 Sunset at Morningside, appeared vacant after a notice of eviction was served by the property owner. . . .

“Their little driveway was always full at night and people were parking wherever they could. HPD and the city attorney’s office really did a fabulous job with this,” said [Southampton Extension Civic Association President Ann] Hightower. . . .

[The establishment’s] little door was around the side and towards the back on Morningside. There was no sign, just a lighted doorway and some stickers indicating donations to emergency responders.

Photo of 2401 Sunset Blvd.: LoopNet