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Despite a series of remodeling tweaks, this 1970 Thornwood contemporary’s rebirthing still has a way to go. Its listing earlier this week pegs the property’s status as ripe for renovation, and sets the ask at $345K. Several rooms already feature updates (and the pool got a redo back in that “watershed” year of 2008), but others show their age, work in progress, or the effects of what’s gently described by the listing agent as “recent moisture and plumbing issues.”

Can the home’s renovations be completed? Should they be? Look for clues in the photos below, or see for yourself at this Sunday’s open house.


You Complete Me
02/18/09 1:32pm

The new Belle Sherman Kendall Library in West Houston will have a little something extra inside: a half-court basketball gym. The ceremonial groundbreaking took place Monday on the site near Buffalo Bayou:

Besides housing a library and a community center, the building will be the first three-story building in the Houston system, and the first to have a drive-up window.

The site at 609 N. Eldridge will also serve as a city park and a trailhead to Terry Hershey Park. . . . At Kendall’s drive-up window, users will be able to return books, pick-up books they’ve reserved, and pay fines.

Image: English + Associates Architects

01/11/08 11:28pm

Got some extra energy to spend househunting? Join us for a quick look at six homes for sale in West Memorial, in subdivisions huddled at the T-shaped Energy Corridor’s left armpit (between Highway 6 and Eldridge Parkway that is, south of I-10 and north of Buffalo Bayou).

You can visit them all this weekend — or just gawk as we drive by:

727 Last Arrow Dr., Houston

Location: 727 Last Arrow Dr.
Details: 3-4 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths, 3,051 sq. ft.
Price: $329,900
The Scoop: Lots of 1980s-era wood paneling in a gated community. Three months on the market; one price drop.
Open House: Saturday & Sunday, 2-5 pm

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