01/08/15 2:45pm

ATLANTA COMPANY UPGRADING ENERGY CORRIDOR, WOODFOREST APARTMENT COMPLEXES FROM COUNTRY TO CITY Saddle Ridge Apartments, 12800 Woodforest Blvd., Woodforest, HoustonA note on the purchase of 2 Houston apartment complexes by Atlanta’s Radco Companies noted in this morning’s roundup of Headlines: Urbanization — in advance or in recognition of actual changes-on-the-ground — appears to be part of the plan. In taking over the properties from Fannie Mae, Radco has renamed the 122-unit Country Place apartments at 1015 Country Place Dr. in the Energy Corridor to City Terrace. And the 458-unit Saddle Ridge apartments (pictured here) at 12800 Woodforest Blvd. at the northern tip of Riviera East, east of Uvalde Rd., is shedding its rural shadings under new ownership as well: It’s new name is City Crossing Apartments. The company also plans to spend an average of $13,300 per unit in upgrades. [Real Estate Bisnow; more info] Photo: Radco Companies

02/28/14 10:30am

366 Kingscourt Dr., Woodforest, Houston

No, the lawn-parked Chevrolet Corvette in the sepia-filtered listing pic at the top of this post isn’t the result of a clumsy home-staging effort — it’s the prize that comes with your Woodforest Estates homebuying Happy Meal. Simply purchase this 2,488-sq.-ft. yellow-brick 2-story for the low low price of $138,500 (marked down from $142,500 earlier this month) and you’ll find this “awesome” Corvette in unidentified condition absolutely free in the box! Er, garage. Useful for shuttling family members, one at a time, to and from the home’s 7 bedrooms.

1219 Plantation Meadows Dr., Richmond, TexasIf this kind of Chevy-chasing carrot throw-in sounds vaguely familiar, that’s because it is: A similar deal for a Corvette Stingray with brick suburban home combo in Richmond at more than 3 times the price (pictured at left) was featured on Swamplot last month — and is still available. (No, it’s not the same car; that one was an older model convertible, though it appears to be a similar color.)


Buy 7-Bedroom, Get 2-Seater Free!