11/29/18 10:00am

CHARLES BARKLEY’S OLD HOUSE IS ABOUT TO HIT THE MARKET Two years after finishing his career with the Rockets in 2000, the power-forward-turned-broadcaster sold his Sugar Land house at 66 Harbor View Dr. to the current homeowners, who — according to a preview put out by ResideTX Properties — are about to put it back on the market. It sits at the back of a cul-de-sac in the Pointe Royale subdivision east of where New Territory Blvd. crosses the Grand Pkwy. Inside, 3,956 sq.-ft. houses 4 beds and 3.5 baths. [ResideTX] Photo of 66 Harbor View Dr.: ResideTX

11/28/18 3:00pm

At least one resident of 224 Emerson St. doesn’t appear to be going anywhere. “The model” — dubbed Francis by the homeowners¬† — “isn’t attached,” writes the listing agent, “but everything is negotiable.” His current kitchen counter hangout is tucked back on the ground floor of the condo — the furthest east of 6 on the block south of Hawthorne St. in Westmoreland — leaving the house’s more prominent spots available for other kinds of decor.

To get to the first one, head through the gate to the right of the garage door and step through the front door:


Counter Offer
11/20/18 10:15am

‘Tis not really the season to be renting a beach house on Matagorda Island, as the listing photos above remind us. But here’s your chance to buy one before the forecast improves. The 3-bed, 2-bath shown at top hit the market last week at $269,900.

It’s one in a set of about 2-dozen lookalikes known collectively as Bahia de Matagorda. Where does that name come from? Not Matagorda Bay proper, but rather the man-made lake at the center of the neighborhood — which lies about 6 miles south of the mainland. You’ll see the water off in the distance below:


Bahia de Matagorda