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No open house tour this weekend . . . but let us know if you see any you like. In the meantime, enjoy these fun comments posted on Swamplot over the past week:

  • Neighborhood Guessing Game: Something Fishy
    From Pat: “The Dalai Lama needs to use these photos in his Powerpoint presentations — SEE what happens if you concentrate too much on acquiring stuff?
  • Mosaic Rumor: Second Tower Going Rental?
    From MLN878: “What is the big deal with renters vs buyers? Every high-rise in Houston has renters. If you know one that doesn’t please tell me the name.”
  • Venue-Appropriate Stucco Repair
    From Chris: “If the crack doesn’t spread any further you all will feel pretty silly.
  • Daily Demolition Report: Living Improvements
    From Pat: “I can’t let the passing of the State Grille go uncommented-upon. I remember its previous incarnation fondly — it was The Black Angus, and the restaurant’s name was emblazoned in three-dimensional, hammered-on lettering across the side of the building. Every so often, some wag would steal the ‘g.’ Truly, inside of my middle-aged female body beats the heart of a 13 year old boy. It would crack me up every time. The disgusted proprietors finally took to painting the “g” onto the side of the building in the appropriate place. Ahh, Houston landmarks.
08/08/08 2:57pm

Just a few of the notable contributions from Swamplot readers this past week:

08/01/08 3:22pm

Swamplot had more than 100 comments from readers this week. Thanks, everybody! Here are a few favorites:

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There were so many fun Houston real-estate stories in Swamplot last month! Here’s a list of a few of our favorites:

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Your comments make Swamplot much more tasty! Try these bites from the past week:

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Swamplot loves comments! You make ’em, we rate ’em. Here are a few of the best from the past week:

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June’s up! Here’s a list of Swamplot story highlights from the last month:

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Hey, great comments this week, everybody! Here are a few favorites:

  • Finding Hidden Value in the Tremont Tower
    From RWB: “Tremont Tower has plenty of value for me. Amusement value. It’s a gift that keeps on giving.”
  • The New Regent Square: Details and Drawings
    From Elouise A. Jones: “Ugly brick without the proper pigments is very dull, depressing and flat. Unfortunately CVS has put it all over Texas. So have the corner banks. It’s not too late guys to reconsider your choices. Think Texas vernacular, please. Overhangs and trees, clean lines, and don’t forget the sky and good lighting, park benches, birds and a place to water your dog.”
  • Neighborhood Guessing Game: Open Bar
    From Ryan: “They really want to be artsy. The statue of the horse on the breakfast table is an interesting way to go about it though, as you have to look under the horses belly and around its junk to talk to someone on the other side.”
  • White Oak Tower: It Was All Just a Bad Drawing
    From Corey: “Leave the single-use, single-family-only building to the dying exurbs. A nice mix of land-use has been and will continue to be the strong suit of the Heights.”
06/20/08 8:52pm

Just a few of the many entertaining comments Swamplot readers contributed this week:

  • Neighborhood Guessing Game: Hearth and Home
    From GoogleMaster: “The tilted cross on the mantle, the dead animal skull with uneven horns, the all-white paint job reminiscent of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest — where do you find these things?”
    From Karen: “I’m so damn addicted to this game that I am posting this from a business trip in Moscow.”
    From margo: “I do think the house is in Garden Oaks. Balding person lives there, Nixon shampoo in the bathroom.”
  • Head of the Titans: Cosmopolitan Pissoirs on Post Oak
    From Miz Brooke Smith: “The juxtaposition between the grandiose buildings and Mr. Davis in unbuttoned shirtsleeves waggling his hands like a TV furniture salesman seems in keeping with the weirdness of the whole enterprise.”
06/13/08 11:53pm

No open-house tour from us this weekend . . . you can go it alone! Let us know if you see anything interesting. In the meantime, enjoy these tasty reader comments from the past week:

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If you weren’t reading Swamplot last month, here’s some of the fun you missed:

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Smart comments make Swamplot so much more fun! Here are some of the best from the past week:

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Swamplot loves comments! Here’s a roundup of some of the best comments submitted by our readers over the last week:

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April up and left us a couple of days ago! But you can relive the excitement with our handy summary of Swamplot’s best posts from the last month. Did you miss any of these?

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It’s a new month — which means it’s time to look back at some Swamplot highlights from the last one: