Caught on Camera: Mysterious Coffin, Out and About in North Montrose Cemetery

As promised, Swamplot’s original tipster sends in photos of the freelance coffin first spotted last night at the College Memorial Park Cemetery on West Dallas St. in North Montrose, a couple blocks northeast of the River Oaks Shopping Center. It’s likely been some time since this cemetery has seen a new burial. And yet — hello there! These photos are from this morning:


The fresh arrival “looks like it’s been dumped on top of some of the yard-work leavings — grass, leaves, and extra dirt from Saturday activities (the cemetery is a permanent worksite for juvenile offenders through Harris County),” writes our informant. Is this coffin “real”? Our tipster’s spouse doesn’t think so . . . “but I’m too afraid to get closer to it. If it’s fake, some charming wag is scaring the kwap out of me.”

Photos: Swamplot inbox

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  • I doubt seriously it is real. It doesn’t look very old and has what looks to be a drapery rod attached with flimsy brackets attached to one side instead of real handles. The bracket on the right side looks an awful lot like some I recently used to put up some new drapery rods.

  • I think you are supposed to turn the crank on the right…. Zombie in the Box!!!!

  • Fell off an art car.

  • Hey, free coffin!

  • I heard everything on the internet is real

  • This is a BIG city we live in. with millions of residents. would not be surprised if this one smells funny in a few days. regardless, the cops need to pry it open.

  • Know what one casket said to the other casket? Is that YOU coffin?

  • High school theatre prop?

  • Y’all are mistaken, it’s the new Listing of the Day. It should read: Cozy one bedroom, park views, quiet neighbors, walking distance to downtown and the Rail! Dead serious offers only!

  • But if it is a Zombie, shoot it in the head….twice…

  • I vote with EMME.

  • Maybe it’s “Art”.

  • If it was the Listing of the Day Swamplot would have pried it open to gawk and post photos of the contents.

  • Looks like rather appropriate seating for those weary from strolling. No mystery to me.

  • I think a couple of artistic coffins floating down the Bayou would make a real statement:)

  • As a member of the board of the College Park Cemetery Association and “head volunteer” for the cemetery the past few years, I felt comfortable opening the new coffin at College Park on a visit yesterday. Unfortunately my hopes for a large cash donation towards the cemetery’s restoration were dashed when I found the box was empty.

  • Just out of curiosity, are there any cemeteries that will accept anonymous drop-offs?

  • My parents are funeral directors so I’ve seen lots of caskets in my life. This one is definitely fake.