Centre at Post Oak: Holding Steady

A reader sends photos from a recent visit to the Centre at Post Oak shopping center, across Westheimer from the Galleria:

It’s been a while since I’ve been by here, so maybe this is old news, but … are the shopping cneter owners hurting so bad they’ve got to resort to selling ads for overactive bladder medications in the parking lot?

The parking lot sign suggests empathetic readers go to the conveniently named website www.overactivebladder.com. There you can take a brief urination quiz, view bladder illustrations, and read extensive advertorial content from Pfizer, makers of Toviaz — a pill “clinically proven to significantly reduce bothersome symptoms of OAB like strong sudden urges to go, frequent bathroom visits, and accidents.”

The reader continues:

I wonder how many urgent visits from highly suggestible customers this has brought to the stores there. How’s the Mattress Firm holding up?


Photos: Swamplot inbox

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    I haven’t been in that shopping center in a few years.

    Talk about reach for money with these ads.

  • Wow.. I’m guessing the property management can’t rent building space, so make a little extra cash selling parking lot ads..

    Does this ad say a little something about the “assumed” clientele? *snicker*

  • Too bad about today’s sign-regulation rule from City Council. Otherwise we could have looked forward to giant inflatable bladders bobbing serenely atop Weingarten Realty properties.

  • These sames signs are up in the parking lot of the HEB at TCJester/Ella/18th

  • I’m not convinced that the presence of this ad in and of itself is an indication that the center or its management company are in trouble. It could be true, but I don’t see the direct relationship.

  • You are probably on to something Skrep.

    If you think about, the center would have to be done fairly well to convince advertisers that there will be enough eyes looking at the ads in the parking lot. If no one was going to the center, I wouldn’t want to advertise there.