Century-Old Sterling House To Open As Sterling House After All

Sterling House, 3015 Bagby St., Midtown, Houston, 77006

3015 Bagby St., Midtown, HoustonSome construction photos released yesterday by the prepping-to-open business at 3015 Bagby St. seem to provide a definitive answer to that lingering 2013 question of whether the century-old structure at the corner with Rosalie St. would be patched up for a new gig as a Midtown bar called The Sterling House, or just torn down to make room for it. The building (which belonged to members of Ross Sterling‘s family but not to the former governor himself) wasn’t totally demolished, though it did get gutted and largely rebuilt. The space then got shopped around last year by landlord Amir Ansari, who offered the spot with TABC licenses and other permits already in place. 

A Sterling House Facebook page got a coming-soon photo update over the weekend, showing a few post-redo photos of the inside and outside of the structure:


Sterling House, 3015 Bagby St., Midtown, Houston, 77006

A new fence now outlines a space that could be used as a Bagby-side patio:

Sterling House, 3015 Bagby St., Midtown, Houston, 77006

The upstairs area includes a second bar, and double doors leading out to the balcony:

Sterling House, 3015 Bagby St., Midtown, Houston, 77006

Sterling House, 3015 Bagby St., Midtown, Houston, 77006

Photos: Swamplot inbox (2nd photo), Sterling House (all others)

Polishing Up on Bagby

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  • Thank Goodness another old structure was saved instead of being bull dozed and more obnoxious ,zero lot line ,tacky townhouses were built in it’s place…

  • It’s nice to see a vestige of the past kept alive in Midtown. It provides a physical cue to the history of the area. Bagby (and Midtown in general) is such an odd mix of things: urban-style mid-rise apartments, suburban-style garden apartments and condos, hulking (and rather hideous) townhomes, low-slung strip centers, and early 1900’s mansions (in various states of repair), all in less than a mile.

  • ‘Should be nice… when the wife wants a loaf of bread, I’ll gladly volunteer… I’ll walk down to the new WholeFoods concept grocery store… I will stop by and visit the bar… I’m not sure if I should stop by before, or after shopping though. Hmm….


  • I need to see this place for myself –
    Yes it is “a vestige” of history but only that.
    The interior doesn’t have a century-old feel because every century-old vestige is removed!
    I would have thought to keep ROOMS evident in the interior since it looks like a HOME from the outside. This can be acheived and meet fire safety reqs…
    I hope the place succeeds. But if it gets torn down in 3-4 years I won’t be sad. It’s already gone.

  • I remember this house used to be at on Westhemier at the corner of Bagby and was moved to this location about 15 years ago, it was abandoned for many years.