Changing the 100-Year-Storm Standard; Houston Rent Price Highs; Traffic Hotspots

Photo of Springwoods Village Town Center: Marc Longoria via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • About the competing 3rd Ward Civic Clubs…. The article doesn’t state if the homes on tour are being sold by any of the Civic Club Executives but either way, it seems shady. The rest of this seems a bit race baity…. even with the title mentioning that its a white person. I always try to flip the script to see if something sounds racist. “Black Realtor creates competing Civic Association in Blatant attack on Historic Tradition in Houston’s River Oaks” Get that title past the editor.

  • that riverside terrace story is a little over-dramatic. the tours arent even on the same weekend. it sounds like the blue triangle one has been going on for longer anyway, so i dont see why they are so afraid of some new tour on a different weekend. they need to spend more effort promoting their tour because when i searched for it on google all i got were links from previous years, and it’s not very easy to find info about it on their website.

  • The history of Riverside Terrace is one of (pronounced) white flight, so I can see why the residents would be a bit touchy about white, wealthy newcomers challenging a neighborhood tradition. Whether or not the new group is a veiled commercial venture to sell overpriced renovations or not, I suspect that the close timing of the events is due to the new group neither knowing or caring about the existing one. I doubt they are intentionally trying to sabotage or compete, but they are by their actions being quite disrespectful.

  • A few years ago, Rachel Paxton went around the neighborhood trying to form an Historic District, but when she met some opposition, she dove underground – quit talking to anyone who had expressed concern, and starting filing petitions and applications with the city that only pro-HD people had seen and signed. She is a shady cat. Regardless, the idea of there being a black tour and a competing white tour is absurd for both sides. How about a tour that doesn’t cater to any specific race? It’s time for America to grow up and move beyond our absurd preoccupation with race.

  • Superdave: Sadly many on the left have flip flopped from wanting a colorblind society where you treat people based on their charterer, to having the very notion of not being concerned with race a racist idea in itself.
    Pretty sad to see that change.