Changing with the Times on North Main

CHANGING WITH THE TIMES ON NORTH MAIN “The Heights could certainly use a great drag revue,” concludes Katharine Shilcutt in her survey of the not-so-new restaurant at 4002 N. Main in Brookesmith, across Walton St. from Shipley’s Donuts: “Linda is the chef here at La Casa de Frida, a family-run place that’s been run by the same folks for 30 years on North Main. It was formerly Rico’s Cantina, then — for a very brief period last year — Rico’s Luchadores. That Mexican wrestling-themed concept didn’t pan out, so the family has now switched gears to a Frida Kahlo-decorated Tex-Mex cantina that offers Italian and Chinese food on the menu in addition to college ‘club’ nights on Fridays and drag shows on Saturdays.” [Eating Our Words] Photo: Swamplot inbox.

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  • Just FYI. I ate there a few months ago and was extremely diappointed. I did not know you get so much grease into a dish. Both the rejeno and the enchilada dish were like eating a BP oil spill. But if someone could convince me that this was not the norm – I would love to try it again.

    On another note. It is good to see the restaurants taking advantage of the nice new cement on Main. Lots of néw signs and facades going up.

  • I have never hear anything positive about this restaurant and was willing to give it a try in its latest incarnation since reading a somewhat positive review in 002 Magazine. The luchadores era cracked me up as I pass the place at least once a day and was amused by the dressed up wrestlers waving down potential business. A place doing drag on N Main? I take it that means drag in the more traditional sense and not the luchadores variety.

  • Luchadores had really good breakfast tacos.

  • Why would you ever eat here when only a couple blocks away you can find teotihuacan? I’ve been to Ricos once and it was horrible. Instead of changing the name maybe they should concentrate on improving the food.

  • @Chief: That is why I never ate there before: Teotihuacan. Also, with Cappelini’s up the street ,as well, reliable Italian is already in the hood. Chinese…well, there is the new Asian Cafe on Yale. Not sure that is a good mix – Italian, Chinese, and Mexican. Places on Airline can pull off the Mexican w the fried rice, however.

  • Katharine and her team of intrepid tasters really took one for the team at this place. I’ve been driving past it for years, and will, with her guidance, continue to do so.