Chapter 2: The Little Gibson St. Bungalow Finds a New Home

From Magnolia Grove to a previously vacant lot with a single sickly magnolia: What a journey it’s been for this little bungalow! After being sold in 2012 and cleared for demo, then suddenly spared last week and trucked away from its home at 4414 Gibson St., the 1,200-sq.-ft., split-pea-soup-green bungalow has finally come to rest. Where? Almost 6 miles away on Hussion St. in the East End. It’s now behind the for-sale Finger Furniture on the I-45 feeder and catty-corner (well, almost) from the Houston Elbow & Nipple Company.

Photo: Allyn West

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  • A welcome addition to greater Eastwood!

  • Yes, welcome to the East End, where humble homes like you are still welcome (for now). And within walking distance of both MetroRail AND Elbow and Nipple. Take a train or fix a drain.

  • ha, all the cool things from the Heights are being sent over to the east end, being replaced by ugly things in the heights.
    Super Happy Fun Land, and now this nice house.
    NIMBYs of the Heights, stay where you are, send your unwanted junk our way, but do not come with it.

  • Just elbows and nipples? That isn’t enough for my tastes, really.

  • Has anyone ever bought a to be demolished home in the Heights and relocated it? What’s the best way to go about it?

  • I think this is a great story of a really cute little bungalow. In just the last week and a half I’ve seen 2 1/2 bungalows being moved out of the Heights to new locations. If you think about it, it’s really a great deal – pay $30,000-40,000 to move the house and repair it once it’s in place, and you get a new home with character and a story, made of superior quality materials, at a fraction of the price of new construction.

  • Hooray. That was my house from 2000-2005 when we sold it to move to Montrose. So happy to see it will live on! We got engaged and married in that house.