Charles Barkley’s Old House Is About To Hit the Market

CHARLES BARKLEY’S OLD HOUSE IS ABOUT TO HIT THE MARKET Two years after finishing his career with the Rockets in 2000, the power-forward-turned-broadcaster sold his Sugar Land house at 66 Harbor View Dr. to the current homeowners, who — according to a preview put out by ResideTX Properties — are about to put it back on the market. It sits at the back of a cul-de-sac in the Pointe Royale subdivision east of where New Territory Blvd. crosses the Grand Pkwy. Inside, 3,956 sq.-ft. houses 4 beds and 3.5 baths. [ResideTX] Photo of 66 Harbor View Dr.: ResideTX

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  • I love the photo of the game room. What an interesting selection of one of who knows how many pictures of Barkley to pick.

  • Are we going to demand an historic property designation for this one also?

  • Those columns in picture #3 – are they levitating?

  • Oy vey: just what you think a nouveau riche pro sports player would buy as his first upscale home. Like the pool /out door kitchen area.. Inside : the 1990’s /early 2000’s called and want their decor back!! Long overdue for a MAJOR update !!!

  • For what it’s worth, Charles had been in the NBA for 12 years before joining the Rockets in 1996. It’s unlikely that this was his first or only upscale home, as I believe his family continued to live in Phoenix throughout his time with the Rockets.