Checking In on The Wilshire; Cleaning Up Buffalo Bayou Debris; Tech Lessons from Harvey

Photo of Downtown Houston after the World Series: Marc Longoria via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Re: HISD Closed After 1,000 Staffers Requested Off
    While I love our local ballclub and applaud their World Series win, what kind of message are we sending to kids that sports is more important that learning? Plus, parents have to scramble to make alternate arrangements on short notice. Why not on a Saturday? (If there’s a rule, why not a waiver?)

  • The story about TexDOT acquiring land in La Marque should say I-45, not I-10.

  • The Astros are attending a parade at Disney World on Saturday. I assume any World Series winning team is contractually obligated to attend this parade.

  • Yeah, I hate to be a grumpy old man hard ass but common. Those teachers should have been disciplined. But they won’t do anything as the #’s are too large.
    If my employees tried to pull that crap I’d put them on probation or even let them go. I’m all for celebrating but it’s totally unfair to the parents (and you’re right, it sends a bad message to the kids). Or in my case I have customers and work that needs to be done and just having it not done isn’t an option

  • all world series games used to be day games…lots of people missed work and kids listened in class…quit whining you haters….

  • As a person that was born in this town ( Parkway Hospital 1969) I’m glad city pride still has a place. I took both kids to the parade. We met a lot of great Houstonians. This City has gone through a very difficult year and I’m damn proud of how our citizens behave and respond to both a crisis and success.

  • The Governor said anyone that went to the parade , will be pardon, for calling in sick. He said the Astro’s world series win, was bigger than Houston, it was as big as the lone star state.

  • okay, I should clairify. I’m all for shutting down schools and goverment offices so everyone can go to the parade. If that’s what we want to do, cool.
    What I don’t like is saying “we’re not shutting down school”, having teachers call in “sick”, in such large numbers that you have to shut down the school, and then saying “Eh, it’s cool. No big deal”.