Checking in on Chateau Ten’s Welch St. Neighbor, After the Collapse and the Holidays

Apartments, 2233 Welch St., Vermont Commons, Montrose, Houston

A passer-by sends this photo showing the scene this morning at the site of the Chateau Ten scaffolding accident that took place a few days before Christmas. The plank-covered Mercedes is gone, but the neighboring apartment building at 2233 Welch St., still wearing its recent quoined stuccover, doesn’t look much worse for the dust-up — does it?


“It has all been cleaned up, but the building sustained some damage,” our informant observes. “I see a squashed vent hood, flashing(?) all over the roof.” But: “Honestly, I thought it was going to look worse!”

Apartments, 2233 Welch St., Vermont Commons, Montrose, Houston

The 10-unit Randall Davis condo building under construction next door, meanwhile, still awaits its own stuccoat.

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  • After gathering some insider information, I thought it’ll be a good idea to share. The resident of the 2233 welch st. apartment has yet to receive any help or cooperations from the “friendly” Randall Davis and its affiliates for the damages. Reportedly, his Mercedes Benz is a total lost due to its heavy cosmetic damages. Additionally, he lost power for two weeks, and since Dec 21st 2014 (day of event), the scaffolding company’s (Compass Services, inc) insurance (Brown and Brown) refuses to make legitimate efforts to rectify his damages.

    What I don’t understand is, why won’t the resistant @2233 welch. take legal actions against these companies? It makes me wonder, what if this happens to me? Are we (the neighborhood residents) doomed? What if the next construction mistake causes damage to my house or a life threatening injury to one of my family members?  Will they brush me off the same way? How can we protect ourselves? Scary!!!

  • Wow, it was pretty chilly in late December to have no power. Hopefully this resident (owner/tenant?) does have an attorney willing to put torpedoes in the water – in a manner of speaking.