Checking In on the Arabella Condo Tower; Inside Saint Arnold’s New Beer Garden

Photo of the Glassell School of Art: Marc Longoria via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Re: City Department Inks Lease in Central Square
    More a comment on that link: story is behind a paywall so non-subscribers can only see one sentence. Why bother including the link on Swamplot if regular folk cannot read the meat of the story?

  • Arabella, formerly Arábella, not to be confused with the Arrabella, a complex of townhomes on I-10 at Brittmoore.

  • “nap pods, a meditation room and a juice bar” — We had that stuff in Kindergarten. Will the millennials just grow up already?

  • @Wolfie

    What bothers me in that ‘one line article’ is that they took a 60K sq ft TEN YEAR LEASE. WTF? Sounds like someone is getting a kickback for leasing in this almost empty shell in an area no one really wants to be.

  • apparently I have not driven by the glassell school of art in a very long time. nice pic.
    saw a photo of the inner atrium a day or two ago and looks amaze on the inside too.

  • I noticed when driving by the other day, also visible in this photo, that MFAH somehow moved the giant granite sculpture a couple blocks north from its previous location on the Mecom Fountain side of the Law building.

  • Joel- try walking by the glassell- i promise it’s more stimulating