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  • A weirdly serene and disturbing photo.

    Looks like an HEB cart. People in my hood push Fiesta carts to the bus stop and park them there, where they pile up. Fiesta even has a pickup truck with the company logo on it that goes around the neighborhood picking up their carts that were wheeled away.

  • I was thinking it looked like a Target cart, but you’re proabably right about HEB and I think the Food Town carts are metal. What a pretty sunset!

  • That’s a Target cart.

  • BTW- when was this taken? Is the water in the bayou an illusion?

  • Superdave, just so you know, the Fiesta managers are very responsive to picking up those carts too. If you call your nearest store and tell them where their abandoned carts are, the will send that pickup truck out within 24 hours!

  • I get a ton of them dumped at my apt. I think a good % of the tenants in lower costs apts in Montrose don’t drive (honestly nothing wrong with that…)
    So they load up their carts and take them right on down the street to where they live. I wish they’d just carry the bags but I don’t see that happening anytime soon. Not sure there is a solution. I just figure each time I see a cart it means someone walked rather than drove…. And thats something to celebrate.

  • … it *could* mean that, but it could also mean a bum found a better cart :)

  • While I have a lot of empathy for people who don’t have cars and have to push their groceries home, I don’t understand how taking a cart home isn’t theft? I mean if you so much as try to steal an apple from a grocery store, you could be in a heap of trouble. On the other hand if you take a $100-200 cart of the parking lot it’s ok? There is no guarantee that they will recover these carts and I’m guessing that their recovery rate is not as high as you think. Is this just the cost of doing business in this day and age???? Well, then the cost of these carts are now built into our receipts.

  • that would make a good crab basket

  • Pushing the carts off the premises is stealing. The stores just don’t prosecute and the police don’t care.

  • Definitely a Target cart.
    @ Protagoras, in my hood, Fiesta’s business is served by 30%-40%(guessing) walk-up customers – whole families wheel home their take. Doesn’t cost much for Fiesta to send the truck out to round up, happens every evening. I was amazed by this when we moved in, and I can tell you, when your driveway is piled up with cars for a party, and you need beer, this service comes in very very handy, you can get about (10)-12 packs + ice in one of those carts!

  • Fiesta offers cart pick up as a service to their customers. Local company who really knows their customer base. My neighbors across the street are low income and older. The wife and their adult, special needs granddaughter walk to the 14th St Fiesta, push their week’s worth of groceries home (too much to carry, especially for the elderly woman) and leave the cart on the curb. The next day, the Fiesta truck comes to pick it up. It never bothers me to see that cart on the curb.

    I think it’s not theft because Fiesta doesn’t consider it theft. It’s a service they offer their customers.

    Target is a different story. And HEB carts are blue, so that is definitely Target. Plus, there is no HEB anywhere near Woodland Heights.

  • Well where I live I get the carts from all directions as I live in close proximity to the a Home Depot, Lowes and a Fiesta and they are all over my neighborhood, thrown into the little creeks that run through here and sometimes left right in front of my house and they can stay there days without being picked up. If the stores consider this the cost of doing business and don’t care then I think some good city intervention would be in order by attaching fines to any cart found off of the stores premises. For the people who can’t drive, stores should allow customers to wheel in their own cart. That way they won’t leave them on the road when they get home.

  • Great photo, and yep, definitely a Target cart, I know them well.

    This sure doesn’t compare to the stolen truck that ended up floating down there some time back. That was actually fun, watching what it took to get the truck pulled out.

    I’m betting it will be harder and take longer to get the cart out then it was to get the car out.

  • A grocery cart? I was hoping to see a giant Leggo Man floating in there. I guess the end times have not yet arrived.

  • I saw a leaping fish down there this morning.