Chuy’s Enchiladas To Devour, Share

CHUY’S ENCHILADAS TO DEVOUR, SHARE For $10.49 plus tax and tip, you could order the Elvis Presley Memorial Combo at one of the 7 Houston-area Chuy’s. Or for $11 to $13, you could buy a share of the restaurant’s stock at its impending IPO (if you can get in, of course). The regional Mexican-restaurant chain, which was bought in 2006 by a New York private-equity firm, grew from 8 locations in 2007 to 32 this year. The company plans to use the $75 million it hopes to raise in the offering to pay off debts, terminate an agreement with an advisory group, and open more than 50 additional locations over the next 4 years. [TM Daily Post] Photo of Chuy’s at 9350 Westheimer: Happy Family Travels

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  • With the current attitude toward their employees the management will doom this endeavor. Chuy’s will NOT be too big to fail.

  • Chain restaurants suck!

  • that mayo salsa is the worst ever. However, i did enjoy the hatch chile margarita.

  • this is a baaaaaaaaaaaaad idea. you would be wiser to invest in Facebook stock…

  • Oh Boy, the horrible food they serve is cheaper. I still can’t believe these places are still open. Come on people of Houston, there is much better Tex-Mex out there. Quit supporting shitty food from a company out of New York. Remember the old Pace commercials, New York City….Get a rope.

  • Haters gonna hate. They still have pretty good Texas martinis, and the boom boom sauce is FTW.

  • Cyclone Anaya’s FTW!

  • @ Stevil
    bwahahahahaha!!! You have got to be kidding!! Cyclone is an overpriced sub-par food establishment for yuppies who live and breathe the washington lifestyle. Wave goodbye to your credibility

  • Anyone who doesn’t like Chuy’s needs to have their Texas citizenship revoked!!! I am from the Austin area, so I may be biased, but the triple threat of table sauces combined with the best queso in town cannot be beat. The margaritas are delicious, the vibe is funky, the burritos are overstuffed and the service is good. Hands down, my favorite Tex-Mex! I like Cyclone, but Cyclone cannot be compared to Chuy’s. It’s a different product and vibe and it is marketed to a different crowd. Viva la Chuy’s!

  • The Chuy’s in River Oaks is fine for what it is but the other locations tend to be more hit or miss. No need to be a snob about it. Chuy’s is certainly better than Cyclone and Lupe and on par with Pappasito’s in my mind.

  • Chuy’s went down the tubes when they sold out to New Yorkers. For best queso and funkiness it’s Last Concert Cafe.

  • Most likely the Grand Plan of financiers is to go national. See Carraba’s.

    There’s been a blatant Chuy’s ripoff in DC area for >10 years. Waitstaff even wears Chuy’s shirts.