Cleanup Crews Now Polishing Downtown Houston’s Most Famous Abandoned Building

CLEANUP CREWS NOW POLISHING DOWNTOWN HOUSTON’S MOST FAMOUS ABANDONED BUILDING A reader in the KBR Tower 2 blocks east of the former Days Inn at 801 St. Joseph Pkwy. reports sightings of several different crews that have appeared outside the north face of the hotel within the past week. A pair of crane trucks have been parked at the foot of the hotel’s garage, and a swing-stage scaffold is hanging near the top of the podium. Also noted: Workers have cleared out debris from inside the garage, and accumulated trash has been removed from the pool of the 31-story hotel-turned-Vedic-school. [Previously on Swamplot] Photo: Kimberly Knight

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  • This can ONLY be a good sign. My bets is that the garage will be first to be reopened …. there is lots of money in the parking game, even if it isn’t in the best location. While some shops/restaurants might be next the majority of the structure may take a long, long time.

  • Just removing the sign cabinet, so that it will not fall.

  • Infamous. ;)

  • Before I left work a guy was at the very top pullinng
    A long rope he had tied To a wooden structure hanging on the corner of the building it looks like a homemade trebuchet

    I’ll keep posting updates if anything major happens hell
    It’s in my site line all day