Closest Hotel to ExxonMobil, from Scratch

CLOSEST HOTEL TO EXXONMOBIL, FROM SCRATCH Has it been your lifelong dream to develop a quaint little hotel in the town center of a brand-new 1,800-acre “eco-themed” community in the shadows of the formerly woodsy new suburban-style corporate campus of the world’s largest oil company world’s largest publicly traded oil company? All righty, then: Now’s your chance! CDC Houston announced today that it’s looking for proposals from would-be developers of the very first hotel in Springwoods Village, on a site “in walking or shuttle distance” of ExxonMobil’s humongous new office hub, currently under construction just west of where I-45 spits out the Hardy Toll Rd. The Houston subsidiary of New York real estate firm Coventry Development Corp. plans to reach a total of 1,400 hotel rooms in Springwoods Village eventually. [Previously on Swamplot] Map: Springwoods Village

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  • these hotels will kill it. even WITHOUT the exxon HQ there, hotels in the Woodlands area are underserved, try finding a room on a weekend night @ the pavilion. it’s about $150 to stay @ marriott/hilton/nothing special spots. and you must stay there, or be that guy with a real job who drives 30 miles drunk from the Jimmy Buffett concert.

    they will have that rarified air of both business travel monday-friday + just about any weekend packed. it won’t be anything architecturally or intellectually inspired, but it will be a runaway success.

  • i love yall’s quirky and humorous language on this blog. recently discovered this blog when researching for an RE Dev internship. yall really know how to jazz up the ole boring business jargon. love it

  • If you’re going to fit in, you have to realize that it’s “y’all’s”.

  • Sadly, the Chronicle has devolved into a sad compilation of advertising and sensationalism. The third-rate editors in charge poorly represent leadership commensurate with the only paper of such a diverse & dynamic metro area.

  • Who is the architect on the ExxonMobil Disney extravaganza?

  • Please correct your post. Exxon is not the world’s largest oil company. It is the world’s largest publicly owned energy company. There are several oil companies that are much larger than Exxon, but are government owned.

  • @kjb434: Fixed, thanks!

  • @kjb434: Which is part of what makes it so amusing when people claim Exxon and Chevron are manipulating oil prices. They couldn’t do that if they wanted to.