Closing the Greater Greenspoint Sprawl Gap

CLOSING THE GREATER GREENSPOINT SPRAWL GAP That 1,000-acre undeveloped green space south of Beltway 8 and just west of I-45 North will soon become Houston’s largest office/warehouse distribution business park: “The marketing package announces sites for sale within the business park ranging from five to 300 acres in size. A site plan indicates that Ella Boulevard, Greens Crossing Boulevard and Fallbrook Drive will be extended through the property. . . . Pinto Realty’s business park is comprised of 500 acres that have been owned by the Cockrell family for some 50 years, [Greater Greenspoint Management District president Jack] Drake says. The other 500 acres were used as a tree farm for many years before the Cockrells acquired that portion of the land from ExxonMobil Corp.” A unit of Sysco is completing a 585,000-square-foot distribution center on 50 adjacent acres the company purchased from the Cockrells 2 years ago. [Houston Business Journal]

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  • Bcause that’s what we need more of out there, less trees and more warehouse/distribution space. Is it just me or is there no building on earth more ugly than a giant distribution center? I understand they are a necessary evil but just wanted to throw that out there anyway.

  • Trees will always become more scarce in an urban area. Most in and past the rural areas will remain. It’s a non-issue to me.

  • Great, more traffic on the North Freeway as I head to work in the Greenspoint area from Timbergrove. How about a nice park?

  • Those reality companies cannot stand green space. To them , it’s all about stacked brick and parking lots.

    That area never took off, so what better than build a ugly distribution center with
    huge sprawling buildings that cause more heat build up.

    Jesus wept.