Coffin Up, What? The Light After Dark at the College Memorial Park Cemetery

There’s no word — or any photos — back yet this morning from the tipster who reported spotting a coffin sitting out on the grounds of the normally dead-quiet College Memorial Park Cemetery on West Dallas near Gross St. late last afternoon. Is that . . . good news or bad news? In the meantime, a 10-point follow-up report has come in from another reader who wandered into the scene, camera in hand, as night fell — you know, just to check it out:

1) walked by late like 8:30
2) could only see 1/3rd the way in
3) couldn’t see a coffin
4) instead saw a light coming from in there (see photo [above] in middle on ground)
5) no fing way I’m going in there to check that out
6) see HPD hanging outside Juvie across the street
7) we check it out together (not that guns/tasers would help with zombies)



Well, not this time at least:

8) it is a reflection of a bright streetlight off of a tombstone
9) no visible coffin, though now it is dark
10) the cop was pretty cool about it only being a reflection, I didn’t press my luck asking to have him escort me around the now very dark cemetery having already wasted enough of his time

Photo: Swamplot inbox

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