Color Safe in Westbury

In Westbury, a 1965 home overlooking the medianed roadway out front punches up its mostly bloom-free elevation with a little hydrangea-tinted trim. For the property’s real color explosion, however, head inside, where in place of a stagnant, unifying hue, (most) rooms go boldly into the spectrum.


After the vivid canary entry (top) and deep garnet living room (above), the palette-cleansing grayish lavender of the family room is kinda unexpected:

But then there’s the galley kitchen, which has been updated. Its blood red counters and stainless steel appliances play off the dark tones of an interior-mounted iron security gate . . .

and the weaponry-inspired artwork:

More bars accompany the eating area’s window treatments:

Azure-like-it blue helps electrify the master bedroom:

While rouged walls in the master bathroom help deliver a morning glow to those looking in the mirror.

Pea soup fills one of the 2 secondary bedrooms in the 1,625-sq.-ft. home.

The small deck out back is a careful study in Redwood and white lattice.

The home is located west of Hillcroft Ave. and comes with hurricane-handy precut plywood and brackets for the windows. When the property appeared on the market a week ago, its asking price was $139,900. It last sold in 2009 for $129,400.

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  • I like it, aside from the kitchen layout. Colors are nice.

  • I LOVE living in Westbury. Moved there from Meyerland and we love the homes, the location and the neighborhood. I live next door to an original owner who bought in 1965. It is a wonderful place to live.

  • I like it a lot but I never live in a house that is the front is facing West Bellfort and it is way to close to the all the atps in Fondern South West. It is gonna be a hard sell because of the location

  • Kewl. Way better than the neutral crap that has taken over America!!!

  • The colors would not discourage me at all. I much prefer color to beige, tan, cream, almond, eggshell, etc.

    The deal breaker for me would be the floors.

    Too much hard tile.