Coming Soon to San Felipe: Winetopia

Never mind that wine bars the Wine Bucket, the Corkscrew, and the Tasting Room in Midtown have all been poured down the drain since January. Krutar Patel says he’s planning to open his brand new wine bar, Winetopia, this May. He’s already added his placard to the giant brick sign in front of the Fairmont on San Felipe at 6363 San Felipe.

The midrise apartment complex with a retail center on its ground level is already home to a martial-arts studio and a Subway. Winetopia will sandwich itself between the two businesses. Patrons will be able to stumble upstairs to their apartments or, if necessary, to the 24-hour St. Luke’s Community Emergency Center in the same center, conveniently located just yards away.


Patel doesn’t know how other wine bars have survived, calling some of them “overpriced” and “too commercialized.” He says he’ll offer wines “you can’t find at H-E-B or Specs” with a majority of them priced below $25. He’ll also offer wine flights and cold plates. And he says the bar will feature lovely Tuscan-inspired interiors.

Photos: Melinda Merola

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  • “Tuscan-inspired interiors.”

    Does this mean they’ll have booths that look like turrets?

  • Not to get too off topic, but as far as the Tasting Room in midtown…When I lived down there it was a nice spot, good crowd, etc. The past few times I came back it seemed to have lost some luster – it felt kind of shabby and seemed like they were cutting corners.

  • Have you tried “13 Celsius” in Midtown? Look it up.

  • 13 Celsius is excellent, and it’s always been packed. I liked Corkscrew and it’s a shame it “reformatted.” I wasn’t that wild about Wine Bucket but a friend of mine liked it, and I wasn’t even aware it had closed.

  • We’re always happy to hear about a new wine bar! 13 Celsius is excellent and the Wine Bucket is sorely missed. Thanks for the post!

  • We went to the portfolio tasting yesterday (9/6/2010) and things are coming along nicely. They have 170 different wines, with 75% available by the glass, so you can try before you buy.

    The interior is rustic minimalist (so far) and there is a neat rock wall that divides the back of the space from the retail shop in front that doubles as a water feature.

    The doors are open now, though technically it is a “soft” opening. It’s not yet completely furnished and not yet taking credit cards.