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The used-restaurant parts yard at the northeast corner of Kirby and 59 will sprout a new upscale neighborhood restaurant by late spring, reports Cleverley Stone. Rhea Wheeler and Debbie Jaramillo hope to open Haven in a brand new building at 2502 Algerian Way. No transfats will be used in its construction:

“Houston does not have a restaurant like this yet. We want to make the building as green possible. Since we are building a new structure we have the opportunity to incorporate many green concepts in the construction and design, from the building materials to the interior textiles, surfaces and lighting.”

For instance, Randy will have a garden on site that will be irrigated with rainwater collected by cisterns.

Randy is executive chef Randy Evans, formerly of Brennan’s.

Haven’s neighbors will be the shuttered Bennigan’s, Mai Thai, Lupe Tortilla, the Mucky Duck, and Taco Cabana — plus a small 6-plex apartment operated by would-be methadone-clinic proprietor Jared Meadors.

Photo of 2502 Algerian Way: Swamplot inbox

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  • Uh-oh, just a few yards away from property belonging to the appalling Jared Meadors…The owners had better set up a disinfectant water-wall between Haven and anything Meadors has anything to do with. Ugh!

  • If that little curvy street gets any more crowded I won’t be able to use it to bypass the Kirby/59 intersection anymore.
    I wish the new restaurant well — but isn’t that kind of snake-bit area?

  • Ahhh, Jared Meadors.

  • Oh, yeah, the “infamous” Jared Meadors… I find it telling that Miz Brooke Smith has never met me, doesn’t know, and is obviously the type of person that believes everything she reads (in the Chronicle)… :)
    Try this, Brooke. Try knocking on the door of ANY apartment that I own in the city of Houston and ask ANY of the tenants what they think about “the appalling” Jared Meadors…. :) Or maybe knock on the doors of any of the vintage houses I’ve restored in the Heights and Montrose (811 Ridge, 505 Avondale, 4315 Roseland, etc.) and ask those owners–many of whom I’m still social with, years later–their opinion of me….

    I mean, get a life! It’s so sad you’d bad mouth someone you don’t even know–and obviously know nothing about.

  • ps. Drive down Algerian Way sometime–the street where the above development is going in–and you’ll notice that the ONLY original building on the entire block is the one that I bought two years ago and restored. Every other original building on the street has been torn down to make way for empty lots, parking lots, and restaurants… So, yeah, I guess if you’re a fan of slash and burn real estate development–I’m the bad guy–because I actually buy old buildings–tear downs–and revive them.

    What do you own? What buildings have you preserved in the city? I’m all ears.

  • Mr. Meadors,

    My conclusions result purely from reading your own very writings on your very own website. That and nothing else.

    I can recommend your site for anyone seeking an example of unadulterated, spiteful vitriol verging on the paranoid.

    Be sweet, enjoy whatever Santa left in your stocking and have a happy New Year.

  • Just as I thought… you got nothin’ but words. No body of work of your own, no experience in development or restoration… just opinions… and we all know what those are like… :)

  • Working on a new project just a few blocks east of this one… check it out… coming along nicely!

  • Thanks for bumping, and thanks for fessing up to being the person responsible for 811 Ridge! I used to live near 811 Ridge… when I walked passed that house, I always wondered to myself, “why”? Historic preservation cannot come soon enough.

  • I just clicked your site, the new project looks pretty nice (I have to admit).

  • That new project is turning out really great. That house was in terrible condition. I remember the pictures on HAR last year. The folks on my block – we’re happy to see you take on another project in our neighborhood. You might be a little crazy, but your work speaks for itself. I’m not sure why the people in the Heights can’t see that.

  • I lived on Algerian Way and leased from Medusa Properties from January 2011- June2013. If it was not for having to relocate for work, I would still live in this amazing location. Easy access to everything you need and more than you can ask for from the great property management. I searched everywhere for something reasonably priced and found this completely updated gem in the heart of Upper Kirby. Awesome location, friendly people and much more than you can get for the price anywhere in the area.

  • I came across this article when I was thinking about moving into one of Medusa’s units, and I must say that these comments about Jared’s character and fitness as a landlord are completely misleading. Time to set the record straight! Jared is an awesome guy and landlord. I’ve been in his Algerian Way building for a year, and if I’ve ever needed anything, he’s been responsive and accessible by text or email. The building is truly a gem in the middle of the Upper Kirby District. He has created fantastic units in an old building with an unbeatable location, high-end appliances and a unique sense of place. If you’re looking for something that doesn’t look like every complex that is going up around Houston right now, then Jared is your guy. Beyond being a good landlord, he is just generally a cool guy and fun to hang out with! He is passionate about what he does, he is hands on, and he is committed to creating a great product here in Houston (we need more units like his!). Please do not be misled by any of the negative comments on this page!!!