Comment of the Day: 104-Acre Vacant Former AstroWorld Site Is a Developer’s Dream

COMMENT OF THE DAY: 104-ACRE VACANT FORMER ASTROWORLD SITE IS A DEVELOPER’S DREAM “Can’t wait to see the giant box rolled in and opened to reveal a strip center with: 1) Starbucks on the corner 2) Bed, Bath & Beyond 3) Borders|Barnes and Noble (choose one) 4) High-end Dentistry office not covered under any mere mortal’s dental plan 5) Wine bar 6) $6 ice cream place 7) vitamin/supplement retailer 8) standard set of strip center restaurants (Chinese, Italian, Tex-Mex deli, etc.) 9) if the place is classy enough, may graduate to having Next Tier of ethnic-themed restaurants (Thai, Vietnamese, Indian, Greek, etc.) 10) Starbucks on the opposite corner” [SL, commenting on Fort Worth Developer Buys Himself an Empty AstroWorld]

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  • Good post, but a glaring oversight…

    As though there would not be 1-3 rob-able
    banks in the mix – come on, now!

  • OK, let’s throw in a WackOweVia, with a goofy slopey roof only a Reserved Federal Chairman would love. Voila!

    Oh and don’t forget a bus stop.

  • I guess that area is too high-end for a payday lender with requisite mobile phone store nextdoor. It wasn’t when I lived there in the early 90’s.

  • Ooo.. Maybe the facade would have a roller coaster theme as a homage ? …just have to figure how to do that with foam and stucco!

  • A giant farm. Organic local produce, chickens/eggs, goats for milk. Some cows. A pavilion for events. Call it Astro Village Acres. Moo.

  • It doesn’t seem that many think highly about this piece of land – WHY IS THAT? I would think that it would be extremely sought after since it is really close to the med center, museum district, and basically all of central Houston.
    Any answers from MattMystery? – I usually like his answers.

  • Another glaring omission from your prediction is a Mattress Firm or Mattress Giant. No Houston strip mall is complete without one! Also, maybe Tweety’s Motor Inn on Main St can relocate and expand. There may be a glut of hotel rooms in the area, but how many actually rent by the hour!

  • Maybe Tweety’s could relocate and feature only organic local talent….That would be a fitting tribute to the locale with an upscale twist.