Comment of the Day: A Boost for the Bolivar Buyout?

COMMENT OF THE DAY: A BOOST FOR THE BOLIVAR BUYOUT? “A large part of Bolivar is going to be turned into a nature preserve. FEMA is buying out many of the properties. . . . I suppose that buyout was made easier by the rate of foreclosures. . . .” [Raj, commenting on Where the Action Was: Houston Summer Foreclosure Map]

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  • I suspected as much, as there isn’t enough tax base/political pull to even return the dunes/beach to Pre-Ike status.
    It’s a shame for the property-owners, of course.
    Please, won’t someone build the Great Galveston Fun Park there? Rollercoasters, arcade games, re-awaken Galveston tourism and necessitate additional ferry runs?

  • I’ve said for years that most of the Bolivar peninsula and Galveston Island South of the Seawall should be turned into state parks and left as natural as possible.

  • Can we afford this? Where is the buy out money coming from? Did these people have flood insurance? How many of these properties were homesteads or vacation homes?