Comment of the Day: A Different Take on the Bellaire High Campus Swap Question

COMMENT OF THE DAY: A DIFFERENT TAKE ON THE BELLAIRE HIGH CAMPUS SWAP QUESTION Bellaire HS, 5100 Maple St., Bellaire, TX 77401“Currently, Sharpstown High is being rebuilt. Rather than tearing down the old school building when the new one is complete, let that become the temporary home of Bellaire. Stagger hours of the 2 schools, rent parking space at nearby vacant lots, run shuttles, etc. They’re geographically not that far from each other. This would allow Bellaire to be rebuilt on the same footprint and keep the student body together.” [Terri Bamberger, commenting on Hitting the Brakes on the Bellaire High School Chevron Campus Swap Talk] Photo of Bellaire High School campus at 5100 Maple St.: Houston ISD

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  • We all know why that idea is a non-starter.

  • It might make more sense for HISD to continue leasing the Beechnut Academy building around the corner from Sharpstown High School after their contract with the school is over. The Beechnut Academy facility could be used as swing space for both Sharpstown High School and Bellaire High School.
    Parking will be a major problem on the Sharpstown High School site if you have both schools there. The Beechnut Academy has its own parking lot.