Comment of the Day: A Hidden Memorial Dr. Dog Spot Meets Its End

COMMENT OF THE DAY: A HIDDEN MEMORIAL DR. DOG SPOT MEETS ITS END “I always liked to go to that site with the dog in the winter; not sure why, but because of the slope, mixed with the cold air, it made me feel that I was not in Houston. It was not a well known location unless you lived in the neighborhood, though I did not. Others also played with their dogs there. Another cool hidden spot bites the dust.” [Montrose Resident, commenting on Alexan Memorial Apartments Are Heading to Rice Military] Illustration: Lulu

One Comment

  • that little stretch of grass between the access road and memorial is a park and will not go away. the sloped grassy area on the other side of the access road next to the old depelchin building will probably remain because it is probably too low to build on. i assume they are just going to be building on the top of the hill where the old building is.