Comment of the Day: A Juicy Burger in Oil Town

COMMENT OF THE DAY: A JUICY BURGER IN OIL TOWN “I went there relatively frequently, but I was turned off by how much grease the burgers had — there would just be puddles and puddles on the tray by the time I was done, and it got the bun all soggy. Once when I ordered, I asked if after they finished cooking the burger they could let it sit and drip off the grease a little bit. The chef came out and told me no, that was impossible, but they gave me a second ‘backup’ bun.” [MindTheGap76, commenting on Downtown Burger Guys Closes Down] Illustration: Lulu

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  • Absolutely no imagination.

    If that had been me, I would have horizontally drilled and fracked the hell out of that burger and then sold the grease to the oil traders in Chase Tower. That burger would have ended up paying me $20 to have lunch there.

  • Sounds like the OP needs to go to Smashburger! ;-)

  • Stanton’s City Bites or GTFO

  • I hear that burger fracking is America’s new, infinite source of cheap calories.

  • 1- Nothing but $10 burgers. No chicken, no salads. Try to get a group of 4 people to agree to go there for lunch.

    2- Terrible service. Last month I went there and ordered a burger to go. I left 30 minutes later, with a refund and no burger.

    BTW – The service at the Indian place was just as bad. I once ordered something to go from there, and it took over an hour for them to fix it.

  • Stanton’s

    That is all you will ever need. Top three in town, hands down.

  • Same experience. Went there for lunch with a group of co-workers, and all returned to the office with a greasy food coma. Never returned.

  • @Jim,

    All their burgers could be made with chicken upon request, if you didn’t like the standard on-the-menu chicken sandwich. Good point on the lack of salads, though.

  • D:

    Don’t forget Champ Burger on Samson.

  • I only went once, to the Westheimer location, but the experience was opposite. Over cooked dry burgers, house made fry dips I did not like (just some ketchup, pleeeaase?) all sugary fountain drinks. I do not get the buzz at all.

  • Grease? Kobe beef is fattier than normal beef (with a healthier ratio of good/bad fat) but they also tended to not overcook the meat to keep the juices (which isn’t grease, it’s myoglobin, which is protein).
    I did appreciate the high quality ingredients and duck fat fries, but I did also find the quality inconsistent. When it was good, it was amazing, though. Downtown just lost a great lunch option. Best of luck to the owner.