Comment of the Day: A Park Grows in Idylwood

COMMENT OF THE DAY: A PARK GROWS IN IDYLWOOD “The neighborhood will be able to ‘use’ the vacant land but cannot build permanent structures upon it. With the exception of one lot at the far end of N. Macgregor, 9 are connecting so that they will form a large U shaped property. There’s been talk of a shared garden but who knows… The area still looks pretty rough right now, but the damaged sidewalks, where driveways once were, are being repaired and curbs installed. There are existing trees and lawns so hopefully it will become, at the very least, another usable green space. I suspect that, when the next big flood happens and some of the remaining homes get hit yet again, if another FEMA buyout is offered, we’ll be seeing more open land along N. Macgregor. . . .” [PYEWACKET2, commenting on Comment of the Day: The Great Idylwood Shoreline FEMA Buyout]

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  • Once a buyout is offered, you won’t get another one. The next time your flood, you will be screwed.

    The ones that didn’t take advantage of the buyout are going to have jack their house up or deal with the property never having much value in the future.

  • Would deed restrictions in Idylwood allow someone to jack up their home on pilings?

  • I don’t know TheNiche. I haven’t read a deed restriction that has foundation restrictions yet.

    I wouldn’t think so.