Comment of the Day: A Quicker End to Memorial Bend’s Mod Era

COMMENT OF THE DAY: A QUICKER END TO MEMORIAL BEND’S MOD ERA “The Memorial Bend neighborhood (which includes the featured Faust Lane home) was impacted hard by Harvey. It has/had some of the best collections of mid-century modern homes in Houston. Due to escalating land values, their numbers were already dwindling annually before the storm and I’m afraid this will only reduce their numbers faster. At least, we’ll have historic Google street view as a reference.” [Native Houstonian, commenting on Daily Demolition Report: The Faust and the Furious] Photo of 442 Faust Ln.: Griffin Vance

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  • My goodness – I’ve authored two comments of the day in as many months! I’ll try to not get a bit head and purchase one of those “I’m Internet Famous” t-shirts to sport around town. :)

  • It seems like a lot of the 50s-70s homes were built in the wet leftover lands the old timers knew were only good for grazing or tadpole farms. Too bad for this nabe but those homes were being washed away by the tsunami of McMansions anyway as mentioned.

  • If you want to see Memorial Bend Houses, at 3/4 scale, and still standing, head down to Larkwood just south of Sharpstown. My old neighborhood. Robert Puig used profits from developing Larkwood to buy the land for Memorial Bend.
    Houses are still there, and many are smaller versions of what Memorial Bend has/had. The McMansion set is terrified of low rent apartments and that has done more to protect the houses than any historic preservation group or laws could have.