Comment of the Day: Allison’s Aim Wasn’t True

COMMENT OF THE DAY: ALLISON’S AIM WASN’T TRUE “. . . The phrase ‘I didn’t flood during Allison . . .’ doesn’t mean anything. Most of Houston didn’t flood in Allison either because they didn’t get the large volumes of rain that portion of the city received. Many areas of Houston flood during minor summer storms, but didn’t flood during Allison. It always just depends where and when the rain falls and also if the runoff compounds downstream.” [kjb434, commenting on Riverside Terrace Stucco Redo, With or Without Garage]

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  • It does mean that you didn’t have water in your house after Allison, which is something.

    You’re right that it does not mean fairies protect the property from all flooding. However, having not flooded is a good thing for a home.

  • On the other hand, a pretty broad swath of Houston received a massive amount of rain from Allison. Check out p. 27 of NOAA’s report – almost every gauge inside 610 received between 15 and 25 inches of rain. Almost all of the gauges east of 288/45 were in the 20-35 inch range.

    So it does mean something to say that you didn’t flood then. You have to head out to Katy to find areas that only got 2-3 inches of rain.

  • Watching 2″ come into my town home in less than an hour (Jackson @ Tuam) from 59 River makes me think you should only comment on Allison if you got flooded by Allison.

    Otherwise it’s all big bad wolf in a Fight Club kinda way.

  • Is there a Dumb Comment of the Day posting on Swamplot?

  • Walrus: It’s also the largest multifmaily in Montrose and stays full. The fact people want to live there means that they accept whatever condition its in, in exchange for the rent charged. If that place goes, that’s another couple hundred people looking in Montrose for a place to live.
    YOU might think a place sucks, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t fit the needs of 100’s of other people.

  • Ask anyone who has bought or sold a home in Timbergrove since Allison, and they will tell you that “did not flood during Allison” can be a tremendously important selling feature.