Comment of the Day: Also, Paving Over Their Ancestors

COMMENT OF THE DAY: ALSO, PAVING OVER THEIR ANCESTORS “Yes we do know what people were doing 10,000 years ago. Basically it’s the same thing we are doing today. Making and raising children, trying to feed our family, and working to have safety, shelter, and clothing.” [Bill, commenting on Grand Parkway Will Pile on the Dead]

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  • My goodness, have anthropologists and archaeologists been wasting their time or what? Thanks, Bill.

  • That’s the Comment of the Day Swamplot? really? statements that 21st century American parents’ lives are epic in their daily struggles to provide basic living standards to children. And so that’s why we don’t need science and knowledge and archaeology stuff. Oh right, because making life comfortable for families has always been the subject of stories and novels and artwork and songs….like never at all ever in the history of the world.

  • Gee Bill. Written any textbooks lately?