Comment of the Day: And Living There Would Drive Me Half Out of My Mind

COMMENT OF THE DAY: AND LIVING THERE WOULD DRIVE ME HALF OUT OF MY MIND “I pity the homeowner who has to enter ‘1513 1/2 E. 32nd 1/2 St.’ into any online form where they try to verify an address, or, god forbid, describe it to someone over the phone.” [j, commenting on Daily Demolition Report: Double Barbecue Toast]

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  • It could be worse. In Salt Lake City street addresses emanate from the Temple. So you have North Temple Street and South Temple Street, each of which has an East and West end. Numbers ascend as you leave the city, so you have addresses like 101 North Temple Street West and 101 North Temple Street East and 101 South Temple Street West and 101 South Temple Street East.
    And that’s only because they planned well. 1513 1/2 E. 32nd 1/2 St. is the result of poor planning…

  • There are a few townhomes on Garrott (near W. Alabama) that all have “204 Marshall” addresses. This is because the FIRST townhome in the group (where I lived for a while actually) has a front door that faces Marshall. So it’s 204 Marshall #1. The rest are 2, 3, 4, etc. even though they’re quite a ways from Marhsall and have properties (and front doors) that face Garrott.
    Everyone would always have a problem when calling a taxi, getting deliveries, etc. Plus that area of Marshall has some mixed up ordering of street numbers as well.

  • Salt Lake City’s got nothing on us with our West Loop South and South Loop West…

  • The grid in Salt Lake City is set up so that even a Texan can find their way around. You can literally drop me blindfolded anywhere in town and all I need to do is walk to the closest corner and I’ll know exactly where I am. It’s pretty sweet once you get used to.