Comment of the Day: Answers to Your Lingering Questions About Prefabricated Bathroom Pods

COMMENT OF THE DAY: ANSWERS TO YOUR LINGERING QUESTIONS ABOUT PREFABRICATED BATHROOM PODS “. . . Offsite Solutions manufactured the Rice University bathroom pods in panel form, they were then shipped to the US where they were assembled & fitted-out by Kullman Buildings Corp. Bathroom pods were originally developed for boats, aeroplanes, trains & RV’s. Aside from these applications they are now widely used for military, hospital, university, care home, hotel and residential accommodation. They can be made in any size and with nearly any specification from small & basic to large and luxurious – the only real constraint being transport of the units from the factory to site. Bathroom pods are now used in most large construction projects in the UK & Europe where a large number of similar units are required (> 100). Quality can be closely monitored in the factory environment, the construction programme can be decreased, wastage is significantly reduced and less skilled labour is required on-site giving significant cost & time savings to the main contractor. Pods are of two types – FRP and Steel Framed, the former is preferred where a more robust finish is needed, the latter where a conventional (residential) finish is required. Offsite Solutions currently produce 5,000 units a year from their facilities in Somerset, England . . .” [Richard Tonkinson, commenting on Reducing Bathroom Waste: Rice’s Prefabricated Pods]