Comment of the Day: Apartment Mess Skeptic

COMMENT OF THE DAY: APARTMENT MESS SKEPTIC “. . . There should be grime around the light switch – there is not. There should be a big layer of filth on the blinds – there is not. The blind cord would be filthy – it is not. The walls are very very clean & white. They should be smudgy. In another set of these pictures, the kitchen cabinets are completely clean, no grime at the door knobs, no grime at the drawer pulls. Trust me – in this much filth, you would see that grime. ALSO – the big piles of cigarette butts were obviously dumped there. When you put out a cigarette, there is a smashing action. You don’t just throw a still burning cigarette on top of a giant pile of other cigarettes. MAYBE this person worked in a bar & collected a weeks worth of cigarettes & dumped them throughout the house……maybe….. But the whole thing looks staged to me – big time.” [KW, commenting on Inside the Messiest Apartment in Houston. Ever.]

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  • a weeks worth of cigarettes from a bar would be many different brands with different filter bands ….. these are all the same brand … all white, no brown seems like like the same person bought the same brand over and over again ….

  • This isn’t normal, run of the mill filth by any stretch of the imagination, I’ll grant you that, but (sadly) it’s not staged. You don’t see grime on the kitchen cabinets because clearly this isn’t someone who cooks, as evidenced by six months of fast food detritus. There’s no grime on the walls or light switches, because while the space is filthy, the person is not. There are cleaning/hygiene products in several of the photos. She’s got an ironing board set up in the kitchen she doesn’t cook in with starch and a bottle of Febreeze. This is someone probably does a reasonably passable job of looking ‘normal’ to the outside world. She’s gainfully employed, the clothes she’s wearing are clean and pressed, she showers every day. She’s going through the motions of life, but just doesn’t have the energy to keep up the facade at home when no one is watching. This is what deep, dark, soul crushing depression looks like.

  • Helen, you may be spot on. And while we are all making light of it, it really is very, very sad.